the beginning

The classical way for Singaporeans to start the ball rolling regarding marriage is the tested and proven one liner: 'eh get HDB flat le'

Who am I to question tradition?

The on-one-knee-pop-the-ring-and-the-question thing will have to wait.

So off we go on our quest for a new house! So we spent a couple of Sundays scouting through the flats in Seng Kang. Our requirement was easy: within walking distance to the MRT/LRT, not to have the sun bake our flat everyday and not near the rubbish dump and power riser.

In the end with ended up with a flat in the same block as my sister. It is a repossessed flat which basically means this dude bought the house, renovated it and returned back to HDB before he even moved in. Thanks. Appreciate it. We would prefer the bedrooms flooring to be parquet though. Nevermind.

This is us handing our IC over to chop the place

So we ended up with a pretty good deal. And the clock starts ticking... we have to show them our ROM cert in 6 months!
nice blog.
Congrats on getting the flat :)
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