the rings

A wedding consists of 3 rings normally. Next up: the wedding band. We had a pair of platinum rings we got long ago during our first year together. A very common pair of rings you still see in those stores today. It would be nice to use this pair but alas they are too big for us now. And platinum will be a bitch to resize. So it seems like we will have to look for alternatives.

As Shuyi leaves the aesthetics related decisions to me, I pretty much make the decision. Unless she have any violent reactions to my suggestion (which rarely happens when it comes to things like this). We'll be having a plain gold ring with rounded surface. The special part is, instead of the usual inscriptions on the inside of the ring, we'll have it outside.

Yes, outside.

Like the Lord of the Ring. But that would mean that no resizing is possible as any changes made will destroy the carvings. Not really set on the outside inscriptions though.

Actually there is more than one

13 Aug. I went to collect the rings on my own only to find my ring too tight! The jeweller promised to resize it for me for free and I walked out of his shop, rings in hand, without paying a single cent. The rings looked good. Simple just as I wanted them to be. No complains.

Gold is still dope, so says the pope

dark room + scanner
hi! May i know where you got your wedding rings from? I've been looking for this plain rounded design as well!
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