the march in

Since we're going crazy with the details, how can we leave out the music for the march in?
Again, no Kitaro.
no love for da mane man

We might opt for a Chinese pop song though it may not be the most popular of choices. But we're more for Chinese songs. Maybe...


or go something uber retro like


might be tad obiang though...

Another consideration could be those jazz or bossa nova songs. Only problem is: I know nuts about these music.

A slow dance to this song would be lovely.

Lady In Red. She MUST wear red!

Well things don't always happen the way you want it. Any Sheraton bride will know about the long and the short march in. Shuyi would prefer the long one but due to the fact that we have too many tables, it is not possible to arrange for her long march in. Maybe we'll walk reeaal slow or something.

We ended up matching in to Daniel, our wedding singer, doing his rendition of The Wedding.

i buy you candy... so please walk!

For the 2nd march in, we did Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. Very apt song. Love it.

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