the tea dress

Normal people have to go to normal Tanjong Pagar Bridal shops that stocks the normal (but still so nice & traditional) kuas with the phoenix and dragons.

But nooooo.

We must go to the stuck up bridal shop in Orchard that serves tai tais, expats, hang crosses on the wall and stock up on bibbles.

"We don't do dragons and phoenix" they say.

Bitch! This ain't about you ain't it?! This is what they got.

Peony, in a funky metallic kinda way

i have nothing witty to say

If we end up with this, I will magic pen a god damn dragon and a phoenix somewhere on the kua.

They finally managed to source a normal kua.

you want dragons?! you get dragons!!!!

But it is so crammed with dragons and phonix that it looked like Noah's Ark. I bet there is a panda, a bear, a mouse etc.

Finally, they got us a normal looking one. The beading is way colourful. It is actually kinda nice!

look at the little mushu!

When they handed it over to us for our prewedding shoot, we were informed that due to some issues (I don't even wanna know) we cannot have this kua for the actual day. Great.

A few weeks passed (and very very near our wedding) they said we can have it again. Great...

hanging idle in the background

drink tea

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