the car

The car has never been too much of a concern for us. We really didn't think it is that important. If anyone wants to spare his car, we'll take it! But as the date draws near and no free car turned up (we also never actively go around and beg la of course), we decided that we should rent it.

The first offer that pops up is this:


With the special offer price of $299, it is really a steal. We booked it and they played us out. Long story short, we didn't get it. It is a nice car, the price is a bargain but nevermind.

Next the same company came up with this offer:

Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet

At the same price of $299. Value wise, the SLK is still better. But in actual fact the Beetle is more charming. Too bad there is only the salsa red version. The cream version would have been so nice.

Ian & I picked up the decorated beetle and took it for a spin. Then a wash. Then we did the LadyBird.


With some imagination and effort, there is no need to blow the pocket. I got lotsa smiles (or smirks depending on which side you're on) driving the ladybird. Total cost of decals, $20. Quirk up the wedding car, priceless.

gooooo ladybird!

so you think you look good, bowtie and all...
take that cheeky smirk off your face!
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