The Proposal

Now this is the difficult part. Other than the usual, candlelit-dinner-on-one-knee stunt and the 'marry me' billboard move, I have to think of something that will delight my bride-to-be.

She did list out her ideal proposal: something that involves an entire tray of baby love birds. It is not the cost that bothers me. It is the idea of my home turning into a freaking bird park that scares me. But whats a guy gonna do in situations like this? Get the birds lor.

So, I contacted Unkle Jimmy who hooked me up with this pair of parrotlets. Mini parrots that can talk and still not big enough to bite your fingers off.


Here we see the birds getting fed. We named them 猪头 & 菜鸟.

Shuyi and I were never people who desires public attention. Thus the proposal will not be in a setting with lotsa people cheering (say yes!!!) and telling her to put the ring on while I maintain the cramped kneeling position. This ain't the shooting range yo.

Next comes the presentation for the ring. How am I supposed to present it. Put it in an egg tray together with the 2 birds? Simply whip it out when the time comes? The classic ring-in-the-drink stunt is out as pearls are porous and contact with funky liquids might spoil it. In the end, I put the ring in a felt bag and buried it under the woodchips in the bird cage. To ensure that the birds will not be discovered before I decided it to, I put the birds in the boot.

So I went to the local florist and got her 8 red roses (it has been 8 years...) and off I go to pick her up!

She made me wait. Again. Dressed in the new Zara silk dress I got for her, my wife-to-be looked radiant.

It wasn't a very well planned trip I must admit: we spent some time figuring out the way to get to Rochester Park.

Once there, we wasted no time and got cosy at the North Border Bar & Grill where they serve Mexican food. Very nice. Pretty large servings so order one main dish can oredi.

That one not hor fun ok.

Once there, I sat Shuyi down and went back to the car to check on the birds. Don't die on me... please! The dinner went well and we took a few shots of the quaint little neighborhood and off we go!

The dress nice right?

Initially I thought the ambiance at Mount Faber would be a nice setting to pop the question. After circling the neighborhood for a couple of rounds, The Glass Box did not seem that attractive anymore. So we went Sentosa instead and check out what is with the hype behind Cafe del Mar. Nothing much what. So after our drink, we walked back to the Beach Carpark.

I opened the door for her and sat her down.

The feeling is right. The time is now.

Then I opened the boot, praying that that 猪头& 菜鸟 did not die on me. They survived. She looked ecstatic upon seeing the birds. 'Whats that black thing?' she asked, pointing at the black felt bag. 'Open up and see lor', I said. I think at that point, she finally understood. Smiling, she pulled the ring out of the bag. It was supposed to be buried but due to my superb driving skill, the cage toppled to the side and the ring bag was exposed. All the while I was squatting beside her, ah beng style. Like I said, for me the proposal is quite natural and impromptu. No rehearsal. I just maintained my ah beng squat and popped the question. I'm wearing a new pair of jeans and the floor is dirty... whats a man to do?

Oh yes, I have failed you K. I accidentally left some photo of the ring on my desktop and she saw it. BUT she thought it was from L&N. All my solitaire hints and distractions failed! Though the shock and awe effect was not 100%, it was still enough to blow her off her feet.


She nodded, eyes fixed on the glowing pearl grinning from ear to ear.

"Will you..."

She smiled and kissed me.

This is her reaction, K

Mission accomplished.
Hi, I think I found you at Nuffnang or something, I don't know. Hahaha anyway this post make me feel relieved that i'm female!!! Hahaha don't have to rack my brains in the future. Nice blog btw, happy marriage!
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