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When you spend loads of time planning for something, other than documenting it in a blog, you will want to take photos to remember the day by right? Thus we want to look for someone to take fantastic pictures to remember the special day by.

Tradition dictates that we sign up for a wedding package with the bridal shop which includes a pre-wedding shoot that includes cheesy studio pictures, pictures taken at Sentosa, some ruins deep in the forest, Shears Bridge overlooking Esplanade, Shenton Way, Singapore Art Museum, public toilet etc.

We don't want that shit.

The last era was the usual kua, traditional Jap, Korean, traditional aborigines costume. The next wave includes outdoor shoots where, for the first time in your life, you start thinking about where to find lallang. You contemplate wearing a 5kg dress and stand in the middle of Shenton Way. Drawing huge heart shapes in the sand on Sentosa's beach suddenly appears logical and called for. You also have this urge to piggyback your wife and grin even though your back hurts.

weddings. Ain't they wonderful?

*i'm not gonna add in any pictures that relates to the paragraph above least I get sued or something. You'll should know what I mean right?*

After flipping through tonnes of sample photo albums at the bridal shops, we feel that those photos do not hold much significance. I guess the guest will have to contend with other things other than flipping through a photo album while waiting for the banquet to begin.

The pictures are for us. Not for the guest or to fulfill our modeling dreams. What we decided on was a photo journalistic approach that captures the essence of the actual day. We find the classic cheeks-stuck-together-eyes-closed-with-orgasmic-look very disturbing and I will suplex the photographer who even mentions that pose.

Strike a pose. There's nothing to it

But as you all should figure out by now (or you will in the future), the album is the single best way the bridal shop can hope to rip you off with additional cost. Asking them to leave out the pre-wedding shots is like castrating them and they will have non of that. They will give you a very very insignificant discount and leave it at that. At $70-100 per additional page, there is much room for ripping off!

While we are in no position (financially) to demand for the best of the best, we feel that moments like these are precious and no amount of money can buy it back years from now. We singled out a few good photographers that charge a premium for their trade. But from their works we can easily see that they have good reason for doing so and that they preserved their pride as professional photographers. They are quite guai lan and non compremising on certain things. But the more guai lan and haolian they are, the more I am attracted to them. I'm such a slut.

8th Nov: We book our photographer to cover our actual day photography on the 30th Oct 2008.

Shuyi seems quite happy

chosen day shots

chosen evening shots
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