the banquet

Another aspect of the wedding planning, in fact the most costly and tedious, is the banquet. Custom dictates that couples must book a hotel ballroom almost a year in advance, put on the dry ice, stab the cake, pop the champagne, eat the 9 course, yum the seng and take pictures at every table.

For us, two things are certain:

1. if there is gonna be a cake, it will be real. Can anyone tell me why must we stab the cake? Whose birthday is it? The champagne I understand: kinda like a celebration of sorts. But why the cake? If we wanna stab something, why not go traditional and stab a suckling pig or something? There could very well be no cake as I don't think anyone has room for cake by the end of the lengthy dinner.

Where teh cake?

2. There will be no shark fin soup. The image of sharks de-finned and thrown back into the sea traumatized and scarred Shuyi's impression of the Chinese delicacy. We'll just have to find something else.

If things go her way, the banquet would be vegetarian.

The most important question actually is where the banquet will be. Every couple wanted their wedding banquet to be special. But truth be told, it all feels the same. I just want to save myself all the embarrassment when the light dimmed and they put on the Kitaro music. I will dropkick the hotel manager who suggest 'Kitaro music and krazy spotlights' when the appetizers are presented. Dropkick to da face, I tell ya!

lai! lim arrrrr!

Music for the march-in (i prefer to call in stroll-in because marching is too tiring) would be something to consider. English? Chinese? Instrumental? Fat lady singing as we stroll in? Decisions, decisions.

A video montage is quite the norm these days. For good reasons as well. Buy time, entertain guest and get the nostalgic 'awwwww' atmosphere on. Who can do for me?

Went for the food tasting. The others thought it was so-so though I thought that it was pretty damn good. Thank god we went for the food tasting as there were some dishes that we decided to change.

private event: like macdonalds party

8 course. the jappo noodle is very nice

moms: cheerful

the usual yum seng

the usual 'egg-through-your-pants' game
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