The solemnization

We kinda decided on separating the solemnization and the banquet as we die die must get the solemnization done by around January. It seems too short to plan for the wedding as I spend most of the time living in VivoCity. Ok. solemnization then.

We want our solemnization to be special. And most of all... cheap. Fort Canning came to mind. It is quite beautiful and accessible. There is a place in Fort Canning called Old Married Soldiers' Quarters. A hall on the hill with a huge banyan tree nearby. Nice and shady, coupled with flower petals scattered towards the banyan tree. Not bad at all.

Another option we though of is Catholic Junior College. A unique venue for a solemnization with special significance to both of us as we met there. We've asked for permission and they agreed on a Saturday. Now all that is left is to convince them to lend us the school during a weekday: 8th Jan 2008 is our 9th anniversary.

We emailed CJC and 2 days later came the green light. All system go! 8th Aug morning we went to CJC to check out the venue. Things have certainly changed much since 10 years ago. The same old wannabe ang moh chiggas still populate the school. I think some things never change... ANYWAY, after much scouting, we decided on this place.

Shuyi cannot get over the palm tree in the middle

Small cozy place with a nice ambiance. Some trees and tables that clutters the place but nothing that cannot be solved. The big problem is: 8 Jan 2008 is a Tuesday. It is gonna be shit packed with those niggers as mentioned above. Are we gonna do it in the evening when there is less crowd or change the date totally?

Due to Shuyi's change of job, we thought her status as married might be bad for her new job. So we pushed the ROM back. waaayyy back. We ended up doing our solemnization on the actual day at the hotel, before the banquet starts.

We could have done it on stage in front of everyone. But that is just so silly. We request the good people of Sheraton Towers to let us use their waterfall for free.

And they did.

Here are three photos that summarizes everything.

ALWAYS read the contract before signing

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