the heels

We needed footwear to make up for the 20cm of height difference between me and Shuyi? We set out to look for heel(s) for shuyi on our various shopping trips. Shuyi wants it high. Real high. But I think a 3 inch is good. 4 being the max.

This one we spotted in Taka, from 9west.

The colour and sheen is fantastic!

We spotted 2 Beveley Feldman in Hue as well. Both of em lacy white heels. But Shuyi is holding out for better shoes and sales.

No need to hold. We got the ribbon lace one instead of the full lace heel.

additional bullshit that you pay for

worth every cent

My turn! Got myself a pair of shoes from Pedro. There is some kind of fate between this shoe and I. I first saw it a year plus ago and liked it. But I wasn't ready for the pointy kinda shoe so I left it. Half a year passed. It went out of stock and came back again. I tried it and was about to buy it when the one I choose bite me.

I shall not elaborate coz Pedro paid me a sum to zip it.

Anyway, I chanced by it again recently and I decided to buy it. When I was paying for the shoe, I was informed that it is HEAVILY discounted. Almost half price! I shall wear it for my wedding.

hard to find shoes in this shade

pointy but not 'Aladdin' pointy

like a tigerrrr baby!

I love this shot. Even shoes can talk. Shuyi keep assuming that I will prepare the speech for her but I did not: I wanted her to have something interesting to say.

Even on stage, she expected me to pull out a script. I never had jitters with speaking in public so it was easy for me. But shuyi's reaction was priceless.

relaxed vs kancheong
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