the suit

After all the hoo haa regarding what shuyi is gonna wear, at last, some attention to me please! Here is the suit. Grey wool 2 button, single breasted suit for me. Grey cause:

1. white is boring and waiter-like
2. black is too safe
3. grey is retro looking (like shuyi's gown)

stop looking at my other stuff

some personal touches

Pretty pleased with the suit made by this old shifu who, according to the boss, also makes suits for Dr. Tony Tan.

Now to get a white wing tip tuxedo shirt. Without the cummerbund please.

bow tie bitches!

Tailored a tuxedo shirt at CYC, Raffles Hotel. If it is good enough for ol' Harry, it's good enough for me.

hand tailored lor. don't play play

best on 10 Dec 2008

gatecrash entry pass: money

i told you 'stirred, not shaken right?!'
wheres my name?
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