The Other Gown

Another thing we started looking out for is the evening gown (EG as them singaporebrides put it. truly irritating). 歌台 style evening gowns that go for the dramatic va-va-voom effect is out. Granted some of the brides actually look good in those evening dresses, Shuyi cannot really pull off that one.

To the internet we go! An option for an evening gown will be the cheongsum. Simple, elegant, & stunning they say. We agree.

Something like what Maggie Cheung wore in 'In the Mood for Love'.

Making ghetto back alleys look glam since 2000

Sounds like a nice theme for the banquet too!

After looking around and consulting the experts, it would appear that a cheongsum of this length would appear too casual for an evening gown. A traditional one that is full length would make her look like a waitress. Seems like we need to crack our brains a bit more for the evening gown.


How about a Grecian dress?

Goddess (like)

Oh how about we screw the evening dress? Who says we must have an evening dress anyway. If we were to love the gown so much, why not wear it longer?


Alright. Decision made. Evening gown to be converted from the wedding gown. Basically the same full lace top with pearl buttons, take off the cummerbund, throw in a sash, take out the train... can do lotsa pattern. We'll see how it turns out.

We settled with the conversion dress. Take off the train and cummerbund. We had quite a big issue with the ends of the dress. Keep it long? Slits? Ruffles? Embroidery?

Finally we settled with an asymmetrical cut for the dress.

Most of the people commented that they like the evening dress more. Strange.

We updated the look with a huge flower at the collar and a nice jade bangle.

You should have just sprung for a separate evening dress for your wife, it's her wedding after all.
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