the wedding singer

Much to the approval of the supreme overlord, we hired a wedding singer. So for the past year, we're been going to weddings and trying to steal other couples' singer. It started with Celine's wedding.

adam couldn't be there to do the 'grow old with you'

Now, we don't often get wedding singers at weddings locally. I would think that everyone will be too busy eating/chatting to listen to the songs. But this singer got praises from everyone the whole night long. We tried to get his service but alas, he has a gig on our wedding date and can only play half a set. Too short.

Next, it was Amanda's. It started normally. But when he bought out the hokkien songs, I knew he is the one! Look out for Daniel! If you have any oldies you want him to sing, feel free to dedicate. If you wanna duet with him, go 'Don't be and ass and go

'hey! I want Umbrella by Rihana!'

I will ella ella ur ass!

Here is Daniel at work. Asking him to sing for the march in was a bonus. The Wonderful Tonight for the 2nd march in was beautiful.

daniel at work


Kindly enquiry how to contact this wedding singer?
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